Children are always curious. And while that curiosity is good when they are exploring, but this very trait can become distracting when focus is required at a particular task. Untamed curiosity in the classroom can disrupt the entire lesson. Fidgety habits at home can come in the way of completing homework. Thus, as a parent, you might appreciate a bit of inquisitiveness but it cannot exist without limitations. You need to teach your child to focus when the task demands it, help increase his/her attention span for those long hours of study, and create a higher level of concentration every time the student sits down in class or at home to consume his/her lessons.

Here are 4 proven ways that help to improve the attention span of students of almost all ages. Try one or more of these in combination with your child and enable him/her to channel the inherent curiosity in an effective way.

  1. Set up your child’s study area in a distraction-free zone

There is a good reason why the top 10 schools in Chennai generally set up their institutions away from the urban humdrum. Any type of noise can become distracting to students. While they are trying to focus on their lessons, even a minor sound of the passing traffic or music from the neighbour’s television can divert attention to that noise source and the mind will take that much time to settle and concentrate again. To avoid this continuous cycle of attention and distraction, which only wastes time, allocate a silent area of your house for his/her study. Unwanted background noises are a nemesis to minds that want to get distracted and thus must be kept at bay.

  1. Allow enough time to rest

An unrested mind cannot concentrate even for a minute. When your child’s mind is continuously at work – going to the school by the day, learning music in the evening, completing assignments later on, and then watching television – it is hardly getting any time to take it slow and rest a bit. Every activity that we undertake daily is a task for the mind. Hence, your child must indulge in chores that do not work the mind to a great extent. For instance, taking a walk around the park is calming for the mind. So is doing the dishes at home or gardening as these do not require considerable effort. The more the mind rests, the better it can concentrate.

  1. Work closely with your child’s teacher

The teachers at the top Best School in Chennai will have their own expert way of teaching your child. At home, you should refrain from following a different method as too many new instructions will only overwhelm your child. Soon enough, your child will lose motivation to study and that might become the underlying cause of inattentive behaviour. Instead, team up with your child’s teacher and come to a middle point of teaching the student. Extend your suggestions and take advice from the faculty. Make sure that the lessons are coming to your child gradually, with a slow rise in the complexity level, and at no point does it become too much to chew for the student.

  1. Create specific schedules at home

Another system that the top Top School in Chennai applies which you can very well adopt in your home. Although the option of flexibility is always there, good schools refrain from making any random adjustments to their set schedule. If mathematics lessons are set for Monday morning, they seldom get shifted to Friday afternoon. With a specific schedule, the mind gets habituated to a system and does not think of recess when it is time to study. It knows that the lunch break will come when it is supposed to and the time will not act as a distraction. In your home, have such strict schedules. Separate study time from TV time and playtime and make sure your child is following the routine every day.

Modern establishments like the Velammal School’s are more than just about imparting education to their students. Alpine not only conducts its academic responsibilities but also works with its parents and students to build such necessary skills as an improved attention span. You can take assistance from Alpine to properly guide your child and bring his/her focus back to where it belongs. The school that you select for your child holds the onus of skill-building as well. And the top institutes cover all the direct and indirect capabilities that help further your child’s education in the right way. Play your part as a parent by working with your child’s school and see him/her shine in the future.

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