The desire to get your child enrolled into one of the best CBSE schools in Chennai can become overwhelming. Most parents feel bogged down due to the accompanying stress and anticipation. Things tend to fall apart and no amount of preparation seems enough. Multiply that with the number of schools you apply for and both you and your child will soon find yourselves living hectic days where you tend to forget an important point or miss out on a particular deadline. No matter how difficult things may seem, proper planning is what you need during the days leading up to the school admissions. The top schools expect the top performance from their future students and parents but they are rarely this much complex.

Take note of the following 4 steps and execute them in order. The rest of your tasks will slide in naturally. Make sure you tick all before the D-day as these will ultimately decide whether the school you applied for will select or reject your application.

  1. Mark the important dates on your calendar

After you have shortlisted the schools you want to apply for, visit their websites and take note of the important dates. And do not just keep them written on your notepad. Go a step further and mark them on your wall or online calendar so that they are right in front of your eyes always. In the frenzy of preparing for the admissions, it is very easy to forget the timing or the date of submitting or collecting things. Marking them will help you to stay on track and meet your deadline. Set a reminder if required and maintain the timespan specified by the school. Do not send things too early or too late.

  1. Read the brochure carefully

Really spend time behind the school’s brochure and read it carefully. All the information you need will be there. The school’s motto, expectations, educational philosophy and curriculum, every line under these tabs will tell you how to prepare for your admission interview and how to help your child prepare. Even while filling out the application, you will get help from the brochure itself or you can visit the school’s website to gather more information. Brochures are designed not merely for sales purpose. They are intended to act as guides for new parents who are yet to become a part of the ways of the school.

  1. Spend ample time behind the application

Next comes the all-important application form. The best CBSE school in Chennai will scrutinise the way you fill up your application and more often than not, this will be the deciding factor of your call. Try your best to keep it neat. If required, make one or two photocopies of the original application, fill out the copies as a draft, check and recheck for mistakes, and then copy the data to the main form. Your application is going to create the first impression with the school and obviously you will want it to paint the best picture. Give as much time as possible behind the application and make sure there is no glitch at all.

  1. Prepare a few sample questions for your interview

The best school in chennai lays a heavy emphasis on the parent’s interview more than the child as it is natural that the student can falter during a few questions. But your mindset, your way of answering, will determine how well have you taught your child up to that point and how well will you influence the student in the years to come. You can go inside the interview hall being all nervous and anxious. To calm your nerves and build confidence, practice a few sample questions at home and try to answer on lines of the school’s philosophy. Be honest about your thoughts and express the desire to be adaptable. Good schools value such qualities.

Placing your tasks leading up to the admissions into steps will make sure that you execute all the required ones. You stay stress-free during these times with further helps you during the actual process. Velammal Edu Network whose continuous performance across all domains has increased its reputation over the years and students here thrive in their education. Alpine has an admission process that is seamless and by following the above steps, getting it completed is no hassle at all. Prepare well and prepare right. Keep all your anxiety at bay by doing things right and ensure that your child gets enrolled in the best school in your area.

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