The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of the world. While the economic crisis has become inevitable, the education sector is also facing some serious challenges. As a result of the worldwide lockdown to stop the virus from spreading further, students are unable to attend schools and colleges. That is why there has been a gap in learning. However, there is no certainty as to when the pandemic will come to an end. Therefore, the best schools in chennai have taken up initiatives to bridge the learning gap.

Here’s how:

  1. Conducting Online Classes

That’s the first step to keep the lessons going- conducting online classes. In a time, where India has gone digital, this is the only way by which we can ensure that education would not have to suffer because of the pandemic. All it requires is a simple internet connection and devices like smartphones and laptops. Video learning has proven to be quite effective- there’s room for being interactive, materials are circulated via online and most importantly, the safety of students or teachers isn’t compromised because everything is conducted from home. Thus, online classes are certainly a suitable option if schools don’t want their students to suffer the brunt of the pandemic and not violate the rules of lockdown as imposed by the government.

  1. Recording Online Classes

There are various mediums by which lessons can be conducted online. But recording them takes it a step ahead. If under unavoidable circumstances, any student fails to attend one of the classes, the recording can be shared with them. In this way, it is ensured that none of the students lags due to the current situation. Online classes recorded can be shared in the form of video files or google drive links so that the students are easily able to access the files and catch up on the lessons later.

  1. Send Materials by Post

It is always not possible to share every study material online. Some various books and journals are not available online and need to be obtained from a resourceful library. Under such instances, it is the best solution to send materials via postal services. This is also helpful for students who face a persisting problem of internet connection. They can access the study materials physically and always don’t have to rely on internet services.

  1. Presentation by Students

India has always relied on traditional methods of learning. It is because of the pandemic that the country is taking on a new approach. That is why it is indeed quite important to see whether the students can cope up or adjust with this new arrangement. To do that, it is the duty or responsibility of the teacher to check if the students have comprehended or perceived the lessons at hand. Since conducting examinations is not an option anymore, it only makes sense to evaluate differently. For instance, asking every student to prepare a presentation on a particular lesson would help to understand their undertaking of the matter. They can prepare slides and present in class during online classes or take a printout of the prepared material and send it to the teacher by post for evaluation. It is quite an effective way to ensure that no student is lagging.

  1. Communicate with Parents

All the best schools in the country are striving hard to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of the world under the pandemic situation. Since occasional parent-teacher meetings are no longer an option, there has to be some way where the regular connection between the teachers and guardians are maintained so that the latter is well aware of their wards’ progress. Sending occasional emails of the attendance of individual students, their progress in the online classes and other such vital information will help to bridge this communication gap. If the matter is noteworthy, occasional online parent-teacher meetings need to be conducted.

The goal is to make sure that the pandemic situation is not disrupting learning. While the traditional system of education has undergone a huge modification, it is only the duty of the school administration to check that all the parties involved are coping up well with it.

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